Lehrgang mit GM Rene Latosa am 20. Oktober

14.00 bis 18.00 Uhr
Kosten: 60 Euro

Escrima mit GM Rene Latosa am 20. Oktober

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„Latosa-Escrima Seminars is about the students, not about showing off or trying to sell techniques, spout out fancy names and hope that having a Grandmaster, Master title helps you fool students. History and Experience cannot be bought.

These seminars are for learning from over 50 years of experience with the first generation and the Latosa Family System-Escrimadores who introduced the FMA to the USA.

Students, instructors, and curious thinkers attending FMA seminars need to look at the reasons you are training. Forget how many exotic Filipino names one person can say, the popularity of the instructor, how many fancy moves you can learn. Get to the important question, “What does any of this do for me?”
The Latosa-Escrima focuses on what it can do for you, not as a part of group, but you, as the individual. Since the system is very conceptual, facilitates critical thinking, is thought provoking, and provides a self-defense aspect, the benefits cross over into all styles and walks of life. The system does not emphasize being the ultimate, most deadliest, the mother of all arts, instead, the focus is on providing tools and concepts designed to help you learn how to re-discover yourself and re-invent what you already know.
As a beginning student or a novice martial artist you will gain the knowledge of “connection”. You will learn to connect all parts of your body in order to reach your objective whether it is defending yourself, reaching a higher level of martial arts, or refining your movements to achieve excellence. The main focus is learning to think creatively and applying logical tools.
As an intermediate student, you will learn how to use these tools to enhance what you already do well while having the freedom to explore other avenues and express your own individuality. You will, can and should have the tools to discover your own innovations and explore creative freedom. You will learn how to multi-task without the risk of opening yourself to any weaknesses. You will learn the discipline of focusing on reality, and to explore the reality of environment and interpersonal interaction.
As an advance seasoned martial artist, you will benefit the most. The experience you have developed and lived through will be enhanced and re-discovered. You will learn how used what you already know and to make what is good and to turn it into something great. Latosa-Escrima is the guide or the provider of the concept tools which allows you to discover or un-root what you already know. With these tools you will be able to reignite your passion of learning and teaching, rediscovering your creativeness and most of all finding why you became a martial artist.
The seminars are designed to provide an individual or instructor the tools to make creative and innovative discoveries within your own skill levels. There will not be sterile and fancy drills in order to keep you busy and sweating just to eat away at the clock. There will be thought provoking questions and ways to discover the connection between you, your mind and your body.“

GM Rene Latosa

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